Learning Center

Parents often have questions regarding routine and emergency care of their children’s teeth. Many of these answers can be found below. For additional information, please contact our office and a staff member will be happy to assist you.

  • Dental Topics & FAQ
  • Calming An Anxious Child

    Our doctors have special training to help anxious children feel secure during dental treatment.

  • Do I Stay With My Child?

    We have an excellent staff that is trained to help children overcome anxiety.

  • Fluoride

    Fluoride is an element and it occurs naturally in some water supplies.

  • Grinding

    Most children do grind their teeth and there is no cause for concern.

  • Habits

    Thumb sucking is natural and a normal reflex utilized by infants to soothe themselves.

  • Nutrition

    Nutrition questions and answers for healthy teeth.

  • Tell/Show/Do

    We tell our patients what we are doing, and do so in an honest, matter of fact way.

  • The Importance of Baby Teeth

    Baby teeth have a purpose and it is very important they are kept in place until they are lost naturally.

  • What Is A Cavity?

    A cavity is when the enamel of the tooth breaks down due to bacteria left on the teeth.

  • X-Ray Use & Safety

    Dental x-rays are a tool used to see where the naked eye can't. They are only taken when indicated but as a rule, children require them more frequently than adults.

  • Treatment Information
  • Conscious Sedation

    Conscious sedation is a management technique that uses medication to help the child cope with fear and anxiety in order to receive dental care.

  • IV Sedation

    We are very excited to offer our patients the option of having their treatment done with the benefit of in office IV sedation.

  • Nitrous Oxide Analgesia

    Nitrous oxide/oxygen (often called "Laughing Gas") is a blend of 2 gases, oxygen and nitrous oxide.

  • Pulpotomy

    The pulp of a tooth contains the blood supply and nerves.

  • Resin vs. Amalgam

    Our doctors use composite resin filling material whenever indicated. Clermont Pediatric Dentistry is an amalgam (silver) free dental practice.

  • Sealants

    Sealants protect the grooved and pitted surfaces on the chewing surfaces of back teeth.

  • Space Maintenance

    Space maintainers hold open the empty space left by a prematurely lost tooth.

  • Stainless Steel Crowns

    Our doctors follow the recommendation for use of stainless steel crowns as set by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry.

  • Treatment Options

    Treatment options available, including pros and cons.