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Calming An Anxious Child

How do our doctors help with dental anxiety?

calmchildDr. Russo and Dr. Jensen have special training to help anxious children feel secure during dental treatment. Having our kid-friendly office helps, too. All of our staff members have chosen to work in a pediatric dental practice because they love children.

How will our doctors help my child feel comfortable?

There are many methods to help children feel comfortable with dental treatment. Our doctors and staff utilize the “Tell-Show-Do” technique which is very effective for children. Coaching, distraction, and parent participation are other possibilities to give your child confidence in dentistry. By far the most preferred technique is praise. Every child does something right during a dental visit and we will always tell him/her that. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is used during restorative visits, which also helps to calm some children.

Should I accompany my child into the treatment area?

Infants and all children under the age of 3 are accompanied by a parent for most visits. For children age 3 and older parents remain in our reception area while their children receive dental care. The doctor-child communication is enhanced under these conditions.

What if a child doesn’t cooperate for their dental care?

Our primary goal is to deliver safe treatment for your child. Occasionally, a child may require more assertive forms of behavior management to protect him or her from injuring himself/herself. These management techniques include the use of voice control, distraction techniques, protective stabilization or the recommendation of completing the procedures with sedation.

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