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Our office schedules each child for the appropriate amount of time needed for his/her individual dental needs. If your child is under the age of 6, we ask that you schedule a morning appointment. Younger children do better in the dental environment when they are well rested. During the school year, late afternoon appointments are very popular, and sometimes it is necessary to have dental care during school hours. These appointments are considered an excused absence for all schools in Florida. Our office will be happy to provide a school excuse upon request for any child with an appointment in our office. Missing school can be kept to a minimum with routine dental care.

Your scheduled time has been reserved specifically for your child and we request 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel an appointment. Broken appointments can be costly and unfair to other patients in need of dental care. This courtesy gives us sufficient time to appoint another child. If this notice isn’t given, a cancellation fee will be applied to your account. Repeated broken appointments may be cause for dismissal from our practice.

We make every attempt to confirm all appointments as a courtesy to our patients. If we have your email address on file, you will receive an email at the time you originally schedule and up to two additional reminder emails. The first email will be sent two weeks prior to the scheduled appointment, and a final confirmation email will be sent two business days before the scheduled appointment. A link in this confirmation email allows you to mark your appointment as confirmed. If you confirm your appointment online we will not attempt to confirm by phone. If we haven’t heard from you and you have not confirmed online, our treatment coordinators will attempt to reach you by phone. However, we do ask that parents make a note of each appointment and assume responsibility for this scheduled time.

We make every attempt to remain on schedule. We value your time and will do our best to see your child at his or her appointed time. Remember that each child is an individual and some children may need us to spend a little extra time to make them comfortable. We ask for your patience if this puts us a little behind schedule. Please know that if your child also needs extra attention, you can be assured he or she will receive it.

Late arrivals cause schedule delays for those patients who arrive on time for their scheduled appointments. We will make every effort to fit a late arrival into our schedule; however, we reserve the right to reschedule if we are unable to see them.


Most children do grind their teeth and there is no cause for concern.

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We encourage you to download this comprehensive PDF Packet, fill it out, and bring it with you on your first visit to our office.

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