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IV Sedation

We are very excited to offer our patients the option of having their treatment done with the benefit of in-office IV sedation. A Board Certified Pediatric Anesthesiologist will be present and perform the sedation. Dr. Russo or Dr. Jensen will perform all necessary dental treatment.

There are many benefits to having your child’s treatment performed under IV sedation.

  • All dental work can be done in one day.
  • The child is asleep during the IV sedation. He/She are not aware of the treatment being done. He/She go to sleep in their parents arms, and wake up with a parent in the room.
  • He/She do not, generally, need to be numb for treatment. This can eliminate the numb feeling following the procedure, which can last up to 4 hours. Young children do not understand this feeling and can potentially chew the inside of their cheek and lip.
  • In some cases, medical insurance will pick up some or all of the costs associated with the anesthesia. Parents will need to contact their medical providers to see if this is a covered expense. Once the appointments are booked, the pediatric anesthesiologist can assist in the paperwork concerning this aspect.
  • We can take necessary dental x-rays when the child is asleep, which allows us to see if there are more areas affected and to treat such areas at the same time. This may result in a change in the original treatment plan given at the child’s examination visit, but can benefit the child by reducing the need for additional future procedures.

Please go to the anesthesiologist’s website for additional information regarding IV sedation for your child. http://www.pediatricsedation.com

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